Mycology from bench to bedside

Friday, July 9, 2021
6. Fungal infection & disease, 1-hour ePoster Review
S222 9:30 AM > 10:30 AM Mycology from bench to bedside 6. Fungal infections

1017 Breakthrough invasive fungal infections in high-risk oncohaematological patients with different primary antifungal prophylaxis strategies > A. Andres Nicolas REARTE (Buenos Aires) 1070 Performance validation of a novel <em>Aspergillus</em> Galactomannan kit > H. He WANG (Beijing) 1080 An open-label study in healthy volunteers to evaluate the effect of fluconazole upon the pharmacokinetics of olorofim > K. Karen CORNELISSEN (Manchester) 1676 Risk factors and predictors of mortality of candidaemia among patients hospitalised in a Swiss university hospital > M. Matthaios PAPADIMITRIOU-OLIVGERIS (Lausanne) 195 Invasive aspergillosis in adult patients with rheumatic diseases > N. Nikolai KLIMKO (Saint Petersburg) 1960 Multi-centre registry of patients receiving systemic mould-active triazoles for treatment or prophylaxis of invasive fungal infections > L. Luis OSTROSKY-ZEICHNER (Houston) 1978 Antifungal consumption before and during the first wave of COVID-19: a French nationwide survey > F. Florence LIEUTIER-COLAS (Strasbourg) 244 <em>In vitro </em>assay of zinc oxide nanoparticles efficiency in comparison with conventional antifungals against planktonic and biofilm-forming <em>Candida albicans</em> isolates from patients with cardiovascular disease > O. Omar Sadik SHALAL (Baghdad) 2469 (1?3)-ß-D-glucan and mannan guided early termination of antifungal therapy in ICU patients: a prospective randomized intervention study (REDUCE-AM) > J. Jürgen HELD (Erlangen) 4048 The emergence of multidrug-resistant <em>Candida duobushaemolnii</em>: using whole genome sequencing to describe the population structure > X. Xin Fei CHEN (Beijing) 4211 Towards a program to optimise the use of antifungals in a universitary third level hospital > P. Paloma MERINO-AMADOR (Madrid) 4390 Agreement of broncoalveolar lavage (BAL)-<em>Aspergillus</em>-PCR and BAL-galactomannan (GM): can BAL-GM overestimate the risk of probable COVID-19-associated pulmonary aspergillosis in ICU patients? > S. Silvia DETTORI (Genoa) 445 <em>Aspergillus </em>sensitization in severe asthma patients > N. Nikolai KLIMKO (Saint Petersburg) 594 Treatment with isavuconazole (ISA) for invasive fungal infections (IFI) in solid organ transplant recipients (SOTR): real-life experience > A. Arnau MONFORTE PALLARES (Barcelona)

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