Spotlight on COVID-19: where are we now?

Friday, July 9, 2021
11. Other, 2-hour Integrated Symposium
11c. Other 3220 1:15 PM > 3:15 PM Spotlight on COVID-19: where are we now? 17. Integrated Sessions – 5 11c. Other

The aim of the session will be to examine the current state of the pandemic, highlighting the progress that has been made as well as the clinical challenges still facing the healthcare community. Topics of discussion will include an overview of the risk, benefit and regulatory landscape for COVID-19 vaccines, clinical challenges arising due to long-term health implications from COVID-19, methods of prevention and the role of vaccinations and their latest data. To facilitate scientific exchange and encourage audience dialogue, there will be time for open panel discussions and scientific exchange via a live Q&A at the end of the session
1:15 PM 3220-1 Welcome and introduction by the Chairs 1:25 PM 3220-2 COVID-19: where we are now? > M. Milosz PARCZEWSKI (Szczecin) 1:50 PM 3220-3 COVID-19: long-term clinical challenges from the pandemic’s frontline > M. Michael MARKS (London) 2:15 PM 3220-4 Vaccination and COVID-19 prevention > G. Glenda GRAY (Witwatersrand) 2:40 PM 3220-5 Panel discussion and Q&A 3:05 PM 3220-6 Closing remarks by the Chairs

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