<em>Candida auris</em> and global health aspects

Friday, July 9, 2021
6. Fungal infection & disease, 1-hour Symposium
2146 11:15 AM > 12:15 PM Candida auris and global health aspects 6. Fungal infections

Although known since the mid-1990s, Candida auris has recently seized the global spotlight as an emerging pathogen. Challenges in diagnosis and treatment, outbreaks resulting from mis- or under-diagnosis, and global spread of this pathogen make it an excellent exemplar of challenges faced by clinicians and infection control professionals in the era of emerging infections. Prof. Chowdhary is a global authority on emergence of this pathogen: her laboratory was the first one to report emergence of new clonal strains of Candida auris in India and presently she is actively working on antifungal resistance, pathogenicity and typing of Candida auris. in this session, she describes her experience documenting Candida auris emergence, and provides recommendations for best practices in high and low resource settings.
11:15 AM 2146-1 Global emergence and dissemination of <em>Candida auris</em> > A. Anuradha CHOWDHARY (Delhi) 11:35 AM 2146-2 Novel mechanisms of drug resistance in <em>Candida auris</em> > P. Patrick VAN DIJCK (Leuven) 11:55 AM 2146-3 Q&A/Discussion

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