Developing new vaccines to protect against infectious diseases at home and abroad

Friday, July 9, 2021
11. Other, 1-hour Integrated Symposium
11c. Other 2795 2:15 PM > 3:15 PM Developing new vaccines to protect against infectious diseases at home and abroad 16. Integrated Sessions – 4 11c. Other

The aim is to share initial results of 2 novel vaccine candidates: a whole virus, inactivated, adjuvanted SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to prevent against COVID-19 at home and a live-attenuated, single dose vaccine for protection against chikungunya disease when travelling abroad. For VLA2001, the results of the first-in-human Phase 1/2 study evaluating three dose levels (low, medium, high) for safety, tolerability and immunogenicity in a two-dose schedule three weeks apart will be presented, plus Phase 3 design and future research priorities. Chikungunya is an emerging viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitos, and cause fever to severe arthralgia. Chikungunya is a public health threat as no vaccine or drug against the virus exist. The results of a dose-escalation study with VLA1553 will be presented. A Phase 3 study in approximately 4,000 healthy adults is initiated, through a program granted as Fast Track by FDA and PRIME by EMA
2:15 PM 2795-1 The portfolio approach: lessons learned from the UK vaccine task forces response to COVID-19 > A. Adam FINN (Bristol) 2:25 PM 2795-2 Interactive questions 2:30 PM 2795-3 Travel and the pandemic: challenges faced by specialist travel clinics and how travel changed > T. Tomas JELINEK (Berlin) 2:40 PM 2795-4 Interactive questions 2:45 PM 2795-5 Leveraging established technologies: an inactivated vaccine candidate (VLA2001) with a novel adjuvant combination to protect against COVID-19 > A. Adam FINN (Bristol) 2:55 PM 2795-6 Interactive questions 3:00 PM 2795-7 Emerging Infectious Disease: Chikungunya as a public health threat and introduction to a novel vaccine candidate (VLA1553) > T. Tomas JELINEK (Berlin) 3:10 PM 2795-8 Interactive questions

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