Emerging vector-borne and zoonotic viruses

Friday, July 9, 2021
1. Viral infection & disease, 1,5-hour Oral Session
S117 3:30 PM > 5:00 PM Emerging vector-borne and zoonotic viruses 1. Viral infections

3:30 PM 4244 Outbreak of Zika virus in pregnant women in Southern Vietnam in 2016-2017: an epidemiological and virological analysis > R. Rebecca GRANT (Paris) 3:40 PM 1595 Investigating sleep-wake disorders following tick-borne encephalitis in a juvenile rat model > G. Gabriele CHIFFI (Bern) 3:50 PM 822 New circulation of genotype V of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus in humans from Spain > L. Lia MONSALVE ARTEAGA (St-Imier) 4:05 PM 1058 Aetiological diagnosis of children presenting as acute encephalitis syndrome in Bihar > S. Suruchi SHUKLA (Lucknow) 4:10 PM 1173 Neurological manifestations of Kyasanur Forest disease: a report of 297 patients from India > N. Nitin GUPTA (Udupi) 4:20 PM 912 Mitochondrial proteomics provides evidence of mitophagy in rabies virus infected human brains > H. Harsha P K (Bengaluru) 4:30 PM 416 The cerebrospinal fluid cytometric parameters in children and adults with tick-borne encephalitis > S. Sambor S. GRYGORCZUK (Bialystok) 4:40 PM S117-1 Q&A/Discussion

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