Viral respiratory infections: not only COVID

Friday, July 9, 2021
1. Viral infection & disease, 1,5-hour Oral Session
S116 7:15 PM > 8:45 PM Viral respiratory infections: not only COVID 1. Viral infections

7:15 PM 2006 A five-years review of the UK NEQAS Molecular detection of respiratory viruses external quality assessment scheme > S. Sanjiv RUGHOOPUTH (London) 7:25 PM 3186 A host assay comprising TRAIL, IP-10 and CRP can improve antibiotic treatment decisions for viral PCR positive adults by accurately ruling out co-infection > E. Eran EDEN (Tirat Carmel) 7:35 PM 3708 Etiology of upper espiratory tract infection in outpatients before and during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic > S. Sara H BURKHARD (Zürich) 7:45 PM 4163 Impact of multiplex PCR respiratory panel on antimicrobial antibiotic prescription in geriatrics care > A. Aurélien DINH (Garches) 7:55 PM 3126 Trends of respiratory viruses before and after the COVID-19 pandemic: SARS-COV-2 in, influenza virus out > S. Selin Gamze KILIÇ (Ankara) 8:05 PM 2460 Antiviral activity of nitazoxanide against human seasonal coronaviruses: a clinical and <em>in vitro</em> study > J-F. Jean-Francois ROSSIGNOL (Tampa, Fl) 8:15 PM 2851 Aetiological study of community-acquired pneumonia: impact of viral detection in the daily clinical practice > J. Júlia SELLARÈS-NADAL (Barcelona) 8:25 PM S116-1 Q&A/Discussion

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