Diagnostic value of metagenomics

Friday, July 9, 2021
4. Diagnostic bacteriology & general microbiology, 1-hour Oral Session
S111 2:15 PM > 3:15 PM Diagnostic value of metagenomics 4. Diagnostics

2:15 PM 1482 Effects of antibiotic duration on the intestinal microbiota and resistome: the PIRATE RESISTANCE project, a cohort study nested within a randomised trial > S. Stefano LEO (Geneva) 2:25 PM 1839 Contribution of clinical metagenomics in the diagnosis of bone and joint infections > C. Camille D'HUMIERES (Paris) 2:35 PM 2331 Effects of a cluster-randomised water chlorination trial on children's intestinal flora and resistomes in Dhaka, Bangladesh > M. Maya L. NADIMPALLI (Medford) 2:45 PM 2454 Intestinal <em>Candida </em>spp<em>. </em>expansion in allogeneic haematopoietic cell transplant recipients is associated with an increased risk of infectious and non-infectious adverse outcomes > T. Thierry ROLLING (Hamburg) 2:55 PM 831 Whole blood or plasma? Shotgun metagenomics-based diagnosis of bloodstream infections using long-read MinION sequencing > N. Nilay PEKER (Groningen) 3:05 PM INT4 Q&A/Discussion

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