Parasites full of surprises

Friday, July 9, 2021
7. Parasitic diseases & international health, 1,5-hour Case Session
S81 10:45 AM > 12:15 PM Parasites full of surprises 7. Parasites & international health

10:45 AM 1721 Extraintestinal enterobiasis presenting as adnexal tumour in postmenopausal woman > J. Jana RACKOVÁ (Prague) 10:55 AM 1993 Hookworm infection presenting as recurrent severe anaemia requiring blood transfusion in a Pakistani migrant to Italy > L. Lorenzo ZAMMARCHI (Florence) 11:05 AM 3390 Successful outcome of disseminated cerebral amoebiasis in a non-traveling Spanish host > A. Ana Cristina GALLOTTI (Madrid) 11:15 AM 4052 How many more deaths will be needed? Post-mortem diagnosis of imported malaria in France: a case report > J. Jacques SEVESTRE (Nice) 11:25 AM 3098 Delayed haemolysis after IV artesunate therapy for <em>Plasmodium falciparum </em>infection: first report in Republic of Ireland > R. Roisin O' CONNOR (Dublin) 11:35 AM 1421 Clinical spectrum and management approach of complicated imported urogenital schistosomiasis: a multi-centre TropNet study > G. Gregorio BASILE (Florence) 11:55 AM 2456 Breast schistosomiasis involving <em>Schistosoma haematobium</em>: a case report > M. Marie Gladys ROBERT (Grenoble) 12:05 PM INT11 Q&A/Discussion

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