New insights into emergence and spread of AMR <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em>

Friday, July 9, 2021
3. Bacterial susceptibility & resistance, 1,5-hour Oral Session
S76 7:15 PM > 8:45 PM New insights into emergence and spread of AMR Klebsiella pneumoniae 3. Antimicrobial resistance

7:15 PM 1798 Hypervirulent multidrug-resistant <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em> among high-risk clones in India: concealed and unidentified > C. Chaitra SHANKAR (Vellore) 7:25 PM 2535 Plasmid transmission in patients colonised with more than one bacterial species harbouring extended-spectrum ß-lactamases > L. Lisandra AGUILAR-BULTET (Basel) 7:35 PM 2951 16S rRNA methyltransferases in carbapenemase-producing <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em> isolates in France in 2018 > P. Patricia PEREZ-PALACIOS (Seville) 7:45 PM 1857 Genomic evolution of the globally disseminated multidrug-resistant <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae </em>clonal group 147 > C. Carla RODRIGUES (Paris) 7:55 PM 1030 A five-year microbiological and molecular study of bacteraemias due to carbapenemase-producing <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em> in a Greek university hospital: replacement of KPC from VIM or NDM-producing isolates after introduction of ceftazidime/avibactam > M. Matthaios PAPADIMITRIOU-OLIVGERIS (Lausanne) 8:05 PM 3183 Ceftazidime-avibactam resistance in <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em> high-risk clone ST307 > G. Gabriele ARCARI (Rome) 8:15 PM INT99 Q&A/Discussion

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