Contemporary issues in the diagnosis of parasitic infections

Friday, July 9, 2021
7. Parasitic diseases & international health, 1-hour ePoster Review
S61 9:30 AM > 10:30 AM Contemporary issues in the diagnosis of parasitic infections 7. Parasites & international health

104 Evaluation of nine commercial serological tests for the diagnosis of human hepatic cystic echinococcosis and the differential diagnosis with other focal liver lesions: a diagnostic accuracy study > S. Silvia Stefania LONGONI (Verona) 1235 Deep learning and microscopy: new perspectives in malaria diagnosis > R. Romualdo GRANDE (Milan) 151 Evaluation of microscopy, serology, circulating anodic antigen, and eosinophil counts for the follow-up of migrants with chronic schistosomiasis: a prospective cohort study > D. Dora BUONFRATE (Negrar Di Valpolicella) 1687 Acanthamoebic keratitis: 5-year study from a tertiary care eye centre in India > P. Prachala RATHOD (Delhi) 1735 A web-based platform for training and quality control of parasite microscopy > E. Egbert TANNICH (Hamburg) 1841 Evaluation of the Allplex<sup>TM</sup> Gastrointestinal Panel - Helminth(I) Assay for the detection of helminths and microsporidia in stool samples > F. Florence ROBERT-GANGNEUX (Rennes) 2101 A microbiological diagnosis of cutaneous leishmaniasis in real-time PCR era: a five-year experience in a referral centre in Barcelona > A. Aroa SILGADO (Canovelles) 222 Genotypic and phylogenetic analysis of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Al Ahsa (Eastern Saudi Arabia) during COVID-19 crisis: first case of <em>Leishmania tropica</em> with predominance of <em>Leishmania major</em> > A. Abdullatif AL RASHED (Al Khobar) 2515 Evaluation of eosinophilic cationic protein as a biomarker of alveolar and cystic echinococcosis > H. Heimo LAGLER (Vienna) 2692 Prevalence of <em>Strongyloides</em> infection among steroid recipients in a tertiary care centre in North India > A. Aishwarya RAMPRASAD (New Delhi) 2823 Validation of a multiplex real-time PCR gastrointestinal parasite panel > M. Michelle ZHAO (Regina) 3125 Diagnostic performance and validation of a ready-to-use real-time PCR assay for the detection of <em>Leishmania</em> in human samples in comparison with three validated molecular methods > A. Albert ARNAU (Barcelona) 3140 Clinical validation of a new real-time PCR molecular assay for the detection of <em>Leishmania </em>spp. in both cutaneous and visceral clinical samples > C. Cristina ESCOLAR (Zaragoza) 3190 Screening versus single-pathogen detection when aiming for diagnosis of gastrointestinal infection caused by protist species > A. Alejandro DASHTI (Madrid) 3243 Bioinformatically informed peptide microarray for the development of a specific and sensitive test for the diagnosis of hepatic cystic echinococcosis > G. Gherard BATISTI BIFFIGNANDI (Pavia) 4288 Validation of a qPCR for differential and quantitative characterisation of the five human <em>Plasmodium</em>, including <em>P. knowlesi</em> > L. Lourdes BARÓN ARGOS (Madrid) 4550 Validation of a multiplex real-time PCR gastrointestinal helminth panel > K. Kimberley MARKS-BEAUBRUN (North York) 703 Screening of <em>Echinococcus granulosus</em> protoscolex antigens as novel candidates for the post-surgical follow-up of cystic echinococcosis in Tunisian paediatric patients > E. Eya BEN SALAH (Enfida) 1473 Serological diagnosis of toxoplasmosis: evaluation of available commercial IgG immunoblot test based on recombinant antigens on 142 characterised human sera > V. Vincent JEAN-PIERRE (Grenoble)

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