Multidisciplinary science underpins antimicrobial stewardship

Friday, July 9, 2021
5. New antibacterial agents, PK/PD & Stewardship, 1,5-hour Oral Session
S48 10:45 AM > 12:15 PM Multidisciplinary science underpins antimicrobial stewardship 5. Antimicrobials & stewardship

10:45 AM 4162 Long-term follow-up of a multidisciplinary antibiotic stewardship intervention in a high-endemic setting for multidrug-resistant pathogens > M. Marcella SIBANI (Verona) 10:55 AM 4099 Practice testing of generic quality indicators for responsible antibiotic use in 9 hospitals in the Dutch-Belgian border area > A. Annelie Alicia MONNIER (Nijmegen) 11:05 AM 3436 A mixed methods, theory-driven investigation of the social and behavioural drivers of antimicrobial prescribing in an Irish acute teaching hospital > G. Gerry HUGHES (Dublin) 11:15 AM 2634 Assessment of patients' perceptions and attitudes toward antibiotic use and their role in antimicrobial stewardship within the movement to reduce antimicrobial resistance > W. William Justin MOORE (Chicago) 11:25 AM 1748 Physicians' knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding antibiotic prescribing and stewardship in Indonesian hospitals > R. Ralalicia LIMATO (Jakarta) 11:35 AM 2362 Bedside nurse's role in antimicrobial stewardship activities: a conscious contribution? > M. Maria BOS (Nijmegen) 11:45 AM 2491 Monitoring of quality indicators for antibiotic use in Belgian hospitals: are we improving? > A. Ann VERSPORTEN (Antwerp) 11:55 AM INT6 Q&A/Discussion

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