Innovative PK/PD approaches to improve dosing

Friday, July 9, 2021
5. New antibacterial agents, PK/PD & Stewardship, 1-hour Mini Oral Flash
S11 9:30 AM > 10:30 AM Innovative PK/PD approaches to improve dosing 5. Antimicrobials & stewardship

9:30 AM 3338 Imipenem population pharmacokinetics in neutropenic adults patients > M. Matthieu LAFAURIE (Paris) 9:35 AM 3863 Model-informed translation of <em>in vitro</em> meropenem effects against <em>Pseudomonas aeruginosa</em> to diverse clinical situations > I. Iris K. MINICHMAYR (Uppsala) 9:40 AM 387 Characterisation of nacubactam pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics (PK-PD) for efficacy in combination with cefepime against carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales in a one compartment<em> in vitro </em>infection model > B. Brian D. VANSCOY (Schenectady, Ny) 9:45 AM 1412 Population pharmacokinetic and the probability of target attainment of fosfomycin in healthy male volunteers > A. Angela Elma EDWINA (Rotterdam) 9:50 AM 3607 Population pharmacokinetics of cefazolin in maternal and umbilical cord sera and target attainment in term neonates > O. Omar ELKAYAL (Leuven) 9:55 AM 3352 Probability of target attainment of antibiotics in obese patients can conventional pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic targets adequately capture target-site penetration? > D. David BUSSE (Berlin) 10:00 AM 1983 Amikacin in emergency surgery: how to dose it optimally? > S. Sylvain GOUTELLE (Lyon) 10:05 AM 981 A semi-mechanistic model of the bactericidal activity of high-dose isoniazid against multidrug-resistant tuberculosis > K. Kamunkhwala GAUSI (Cape Town) 10:10 AM 646 Influence of the clindamycin-administration route on the magnitude of clindamycin-rifampicin interaction: a prospective pharmacokinetic study > V. Valérie ZELLER (Paris) 10:15 AM INT5 Q&A/Discussion

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