Paediatric bloodstream infections: from neonates to children

Friday, July 9, 2021
2. Bacterial infection & disease, 1-hour Mini Oral Flash
S5 5:15 PM > 6:15 PM Paediatric bloodstream infections: from neonates to children 2. Bacterial infection

5:15 PM 3698 Understanding community-acquired bloodstream infections in paediatric patients in a humanitarian hospital in Northwest Nigeria > A. Annick LENGLET (Amsterdam) 5:20 PM 3511 Challenges and strategies used in the implementation of a global multi-centre prospective observational cohort protocol to investigate aetiology and management of neonatal sepsis: the NeoOBS study > A. Amy RIDDELL (London) 5:25 PM 3277 Clinical presentation, prediction of mortality and development of the NeoSep severity score for neonates hospitalised with sepsis in low- and middle-income settings: analysis from the NeoOBS study > W. Wolfgang STOHR (London) 5:30 PM 3342 The complex relationship between timing of concordant antibiotic treatment, clinical severity, and mortality in neonates with carbapenem-resistant organism bloodstream infections from a multi-centre cohort study: the NeoOBS study > A. Aislinn COOK (London) 5:35 PM 2894 OptimiSation of the medical management of appendiceal mass and abscess in children: a 2009 to 2019 cohort study > L. Laily SADOZAI (Aulnay-Sous-Bois) 5:40 PM 551 Multi-centre, randomised controlled trial comparing an optimised dosing to a standard dosing regimen of vancomycin in the treatment of Gram-positive late-onset sepsis in infants up to 90 days of age: the NeoVanc trial identifies a potential safety signal > L. Louise Frances HILL (London) 5:45 PM 1879 Neonatal early-onset infections: the sensitivity of the early-onset sepsis calculator compared to the Dutch guideline > L. Linde SNOEK (Amsterdam) 5:50 PM 3769 Evidence of paediatric sepsis caused by a <em>Lactococcus garvieae</em>-contaminated platelet concentrate > L. Luna COLAGROSSI (Rome) 5:55 PM 1810 <em>Enterobacter cloacae </em>complex associated with neonatal sepsis, a retrospective multi-centre study in France > E. Enrique HERNANDEZ-ALONSO (Paris) 6:00 PM 275 Usefulness of routine microbiological screening results in choosing empiric antibiotics in neonatal sepsis > J. Jakob ARMANN (Dresden) 6:05 PM INT2 Q&A/Discussion

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