Antimicrobial utilisation in COVID times

Friday, July 9, 2021
5. New antibacterial agents, PK/PD & Stewardship, 1-hour Mini Oral Flash
S3 7:15 PM > 8:15 PM Antimicrobial utilisation in COVID times 5. Antimicrobials & stewardship

7:15 PM 3427 Less antibiotics to COVID-19 patients than influenza patients: hospital prescription practices prior to and throughout the pandemic > E. Elisabeth Berg FJELLTVEIT (Bergen) 7:20 PM 3636 Comparison of antimicrobial prescribing in patients hospitalised for COVID-19 or influenza virus infection > D. Danielle VUICHARD-GYSIN (Frauenfeld) 7:25 PM 3669 Sample pooling for the molecular screening of SARS-CoV-2 > M. Mercedes PÉREZ-RUIZ (Málaga) 7:30 PM 885 Antimicrobial use in COVID-19 patients in the first phase of the SARS Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic: rapid review and evidence synthesis > W. Wenjuan CONG (Bristol) 7:35 PM 825 Evaluation of pescriptions for restricted use antibiotics during the COVID-19 pandemic > S. Svetlana SADYRBAEVA-DOLGOVA (Granada) 7:40 PM 1511 Change in antibiotic use during the COVID-19 first wave in French hospitals > A. Aurélie CHABAUD (Limoges) 7:45 PM 1584 <em>Ad hoc</em>, non-protocolled plasma procalcitonin level measurements as aid to antimicrobial stewardship in the COVID-19 intensive care unit: a single-centre experience > M. Marios MARGARITIS (London) 7:50 PM 2645 Reserved antibiotics under a stewardship programme's magnifying glass during the COVID-19 first wave: is there something new? > P. Patricio FAVIER (Buenos Aires) 7:55 PM 4228 Antimicrobial stewardship intervention plays an essential role in reducing the burden of disease in COVID-19 wards > L. Lorenzo Maria CANZIANI (Milan) 8:00 PM INT8 Q&A/Discussion

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