Importance of influenza vaccination in the COVID-19 environment

Friday, July 9, 2021
11. Other, 2-hour Integrated Symposium
11c. Other 2762 4:15 PM > 6:15 PM Importance of influenza vaccination in the COVID-19 environment 13. Integrated sessions - 1 11c. Other

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the fight to control it via pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions, changed today’s landscape of infectious diseases, including other pathogens circulation. Our symposium will focus on the most recent information regarding influenza, from the burden of disease perspective as well as from the vaccination one, in the current COVID-19 environment. We will also present the most recent data regarding innovative influenza vaccines recently licensed and recognized to bring public health values to the most vulnerable populations, also impacted by COVID-19. The QA session will allow an interactive discussion on the best use of these new vaccines for the upcoming influenza seasons
4:15 PM 2762-1 Welcome and introduction 4:20 PM 2762-2 The burden of disease of influenza and COVID-19 > J. John PAGET (Utrecht) 4:35 PM 2762-3 Influenza as a trigger for cardiovascular events > O. Orly VARDENY (Minneapolis) 4:55 PM 2762-4 Correlation does not equal causation. The value and risks of randomised vs observational evidence in vaccine studies > F. Francesca DOMINICI (Cambridge) 5:15 PM 2762-5 Towards increased awareness on the evidence quality and data robustness for vaccines efficacy and effectiveness: STIKO’ GRADE analysis for newer influenza vaccines in Germany > J. Joerg SCHELLING (Munich) 5:35 PM 2762-6 Panel discussion and Q&A

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